Individual Investigations (2018-2019 S2)

Addis Kelly [First Magnitude]

Asher Dobrin [Sweet Cup Cafe]

Audrey Clark [Frozen Berry]

Avery Means [Green House Nursery]

Ella Moser [Bagel Bakery]

Emma Rose Stevenson [The Orthopedic Institute]


Emi Scorpio [Sweet Cup Cafe]

Hayley Ponton [Sweet Cup Cafe]

Jackson Mast [Loosey’s Haile]

John Peggs [Haile Country Club Pro Shop]

Julia Gordon [North Florida Regional Medical Center Oncology Department]

Julia McMahon [CYM Coffee Co. @ CYMplify]

Justina Chen [Tamal]

Lauren Cohen [Civic Media Center]

Lola Isametdinova [Family Restaurant/Gas Station]

Megan Whittel [Big Island Bowls]

Nick Loryea [UF Department of Medicine]

Oona Fojtik [UF Department of Art + Art History, Building C]

Payton Gerhold [Sweet Cup Cafe]

Ria Patel [D’Lites Emporium]

Rosy Bae [Garlic & Ginger]

Stephanie Koppel [Falafel King]

Thomas Gloriod [Flour Pot Bakery]

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