Artist Emulation 1 (2019-2020 S1)

Lauren Rogers | Steve McCurry

McCurry’s art is about capturing the person or animal’s personalty including something about the person’s or animal’s life. The purpose of taking these photographs was to share a piece of the person’s life or the animal’s adventures. One of McCurry’s most prominent ideas is portraits and the feeling one gets when looking into the eyes of the person in the photograph.

Henry Palmer | Edward Weston

Edward Weston was born 1886 in Highland Park, Illinois. For many years he worked a surveyor and amateur photographer in California, selling pictures of children, funerals, and pets. After realizing he needed real schooling in order for his photography to improve, Weston went to the Illinois College of Photography in Effingham. Weston achieved international recognition with his portraits and dance studies. He became a published photographer in the early 1900s when his works were printed in magazines such as American Photography, Photo Era and Photo Miniature. After moving to California in 1926, Weston began working on his most famous projects: natural shapes, closeups, landscapes, and nude pictures. Between 1927 and 1930, Weston produced incredible pictures of peppers, seashells, cabbages, and other organic subjects. In the 1930s, Weston helped found Group f/64 with Ansel Adams, Willard Van Dyke, Imogen Cunningham and Sonya Noskowiak. The group was named f/64 as the artists  set their lenses to that aperture to secure maximum image sharpness and background focus. Weston additionally would open his shutter for hours at a time when taking closeups to give his subjects a very sharp and smooth look. Sexy pepper…

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