Artist Emulation 2 (2019-2020 S1)

Madeline Paquette | Alexander Rodchenko

Rodchenko did not start out as a photographer. Before he worked a lot with graphic design and construction. He likes to take photos at many different angles. He believed that manner of capturing the world would also reveal insights about the structures that govern reality and simulate social awareness.

Rebecca Lillie | Diane Arbus

Born on March 24, 1923 Diane Arbus was a photographer who took photographs that captured a mood and a feeling through portraits of people who were often viewed as different. The pictures are like a window into someone’s safe space. The portraits were able to show who a person was and sometimes how they felt about who they were. Her photographs give off a carefree feeling. She wanted to let people know that there should be no shame in being different. Although the photograph captured a certain moment, it’s hard to tell what moment was being captured.

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