Artist Emulation 4 (2019-2020 S1)

Julia Yang | Camilo Jose Vergara

Camilo José Vergara is a photographer who records the spirit of the poorest communities in the urban America like Chicago and New York.  For him, photography is a good way to record the change of a place and to notice the subtle differences from time to time. He hopes people could find a to appreciate those places they usually ignore by paying attention to his photos. He also wrote down his feelings and interviewed people who live in the places for a long time while he was shooting. While I was doing my project, I interviewed several homeless people who lived in the downtown Gainesville for over decades. They told me that the places where the theater are today used to be a empty field and the whole places changes a lot because of University of Florida.  I also tried to observer people who walked by the places, they usually just passed by the places quickly and talked to their friends rather than looking around. I think in both poor and rich area, people usually lice in their small circles and it is hard for them to have the interact between each other. For each of us, paying attention to the places that other people are living and observing their changes might be a good way for us to have a border life.

Kesean Brown | Richard Avedon

I personally think that the art was about creativity and to be as fearless and flawless as you can be before death comes in and ruins it all. I think that’s what Richard Avedon was trying to get at. That’s why he had so many weird but unique pictures. I feel like his images and the fashion of the images helped define America’s image as well.

Dean Du | Margaret Bourke-White


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